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ALL - Additional Learning Lessons

West District additional learning workshops registration.  

District Specific Event



Communicating written messages that are clear, accurate and purposeful.  

E-Learning (LMS) Session


Emergency First Aid CPR

Before registering for the upcoming one day Emergency First Aid & CPR course, we would like to take a moment to share a few important notes. Our goal is to help you feel more knowledgeable about first aid practices and better equipped to deal with a situation where First Aid is required. Performing First Aid requires a certain degree of physical activity which will mean that during the course you will be asked to demonstrate skills required toward certification. For example, you are required to be on your knees for a length of time while performing CPR. This means that you must be able to be on your knees and/or be able to use your hands / arms to provide repetitive compressions for two minutes. If you have any concerns about the level of activity involved in the course, or if you are unsure if you should participate in any aspect of the course involving physical activity, please discuss this with your immediate supervisor prior to registration.  

Family Involvement

Encouraging positive relationships between staff and family.  

Fierce Conversations

Ineffective communication is costly in organizations. How many times have you left a meeting knowing that the real issues weren t being discussed? This workshop is based on Susan Scott s #1 Best Selling book Fierce Conversations. The learners will practice using real life situations. Participants will learn how to conduct team, coaching, delegation and confrontation conversations. This course equips participants to be authentic and professional in work and personal interactions.  

Medication Administration

To equip the developmental service professional to administer medications in a safe, responsible manner. Updated November 2009.  

Mental Health First Aid Basic

Mental health first aid (MHFA) is the help provided to a person developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional treatment is received or until the crisis is resolved. Mental Health First Aid Basic is a 12-hour course focused on adults interacting with adults in all environments. The course discusses the following mental disorders: Substance related disorders Mood related disorders Anxiety and trauma related disorders Psychotic disorders Crisis first aid skills for the following situations are learned: Substance overdose Suicidal behaviour Panic attack Acute stress reaction Psychotic episode  

NCI Full Course

This is a 2-day full course. Take this course the first time you sign up for an NVCI course with Christian Horizons.  

NCI Refresher

This is a 1-day refresher course.  

Person Directed Strategies


Respect & Disrespect for Teams


Respect, Disrespect & Abuse

Addressing disrespect & abuse. (This course replaces Reducing the Risk and Reducing Vulnerability)  

SM Full Course

Safe Management 2-day full course.  

SM Refresher

Safe Management 1-day refresher course.  

Standard First Aid/CPR


UW - Managing Conflict Opportunities

Conflict is natural, and, if embraced, has an untapped potential for igniting innovative change. If ignored or handled incorrectly, conflict can unleash a destructive force within your organization. Learn how to correctly respond to conflict and take advantage of the positive potential that exists when conflicts, differences, and disagreements occur at work.  

UW - Team Building & Team Dimensions

A team challenge doesn't have to be challenging. Begin to appreciate the value of teamwork and understand the synergy that a well-organized team creates. Highlights include making team decisions, resolving the 'innovation dilemma', clarifying roles, and fostering the characteristics of high performing teams.  

UW Get More Life Out of Your Time

Make time for time management and it will be some of the best time you've ever spent. You will learn to increase your personal productivity to get more life out of your time. The Time Mastery Profile will be used to analyze your current time use in 12 critical areas and you'll take home customized strategies to conquer procrastination, establish clear goals and much more.  

UW Leading People to Effectiveness

You will explore how you approach the most fundamental work of leaders: creating a vision, building alignment around that vision, and championing execution of the vision. In advance of the workshop you will be required to complete an online assessment - Everything DiSC Work of Leaders. You will be asked to provide a personal email address to complete this assessment.  

UW Understanding Human Behaviour

The most successful people in this world have one thing in common: they understand people. You can too! With the DiSC Classic Profile and a few simple steps, you can improve your communication with others. Build stronger working relationships and increase your performance in both your professional and personal life.  

Workplaces of Belonging

Training Audience: All Employees Prerequisite: Introduction to Inclusive Diversity E-learning. This is a 3.5 hour workshop. The purpose is to promote workplaces of belonging where all employees and volunteers serving at any Christian Horizons location are welcomed, valued, respected and fully included. NOTE: Some classes may be desginated for employees from specific programs, please read class descriptions before registering.